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I Started Creating Handcrafted Jewelry when I realized that the mass-market was never going to carry anything that felt authentic, that what I was searching for was not going to be able to be made by a machine- I needed intentionally creating Artisan pieces, and so did many other Women. In fact, we deserved it. 


I had this memory in mind when creating these Moon & Star Celestial Earrings. Sleek, Sophisticated, yet prismatic came to mind as they were coming together. Wearing these earrings creates feelings of a queenlike raidance, a divine addition to your collection. 


An Exclusive, one of a kind design.

  • Specifications

    • Opal Gemstones: 3mm
    • Component: Gold-Filled,textured,Star, 4mm
    • Components: Gold Filled, textured, Crescent Moon, 25mm
    • Wire: 24g, Gold Filled
    • Oal: 3.12" inches
    • Earwires*: .925 Sterling Silver with clear back



    • *Clip-On Earwires available in .925 Sterling Silver or Gold-Filled
  • Packaging & Care Instructions


    • Each Piece comes in Jewelry Box with Tag, and Insert. Wrapped with Twine and Hand Stamped with Our Logo, They are ready for Gift-Giving or just a beautiful present for yourself. Polishing Cloth is Included. 

    Care Instructions 

    • Your item consists of Vintage materials and should be handled with care. 
    • Do not Wear while Showering,or during extreme activity.
    • Your piece may develop patina over time, as metals are untreated (patina is a natural result of metal exposed to air)
    • To prevent this, polish frequently and/or after each wear.
    • If the item gets Dirty, Wash with a very mild soap and gently rub with two fingers. Pat and Hang to Dry. Polish when Dry.