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The Eleven Best Handmade Jewelry Design Brands to Wear in the Year 2021

Updated: Jan 15

Only a few things can express affection and love like a piece of beautifully handcrafted jewelry. With the new year coming around and bringing much needed hope and change, getting a piece of new and elegant jewelry to bring this year off to a great start is a good idea. If you are a lover of handmade jewelry, there are designers around with simple and beautiful designs – and they’re good enough to wear for any occasion. Simply slide on a piece of handmade jewelry to impress friends and family with your newfound sense of style.

What is Handmade Jewelry?

Handcrafted jewelry items are made by professionals without utilizing any modern jewelry-making machine. Though there exists no standard outlook for handmade jewelry items, they range from simple bracelets and pendants assembled by hand to rings that are carefully crafted to fit artistic and client needs – sometimes consuming several hours or days and requiring high artistic skill. Handmade jewelry is made with love and compassion, because handmade jewelry is truly a labor of love.

Why Handmade Jewelry?

When you decide to buy a piece of handmade jewelry, you will get a distinctive relic each time. There is nearly always a slight difference between every individual piece of equal style, owing to the nature of handcrafting anything. There is a possibility of small imperfections – perhaps a cut line is not straight, or a loop is slightly off-center. but the individuality of a piece of handmade jewelry cannot be compared to mass produced pieces. These small imperfections are what make handmade jewelry so unique and personalized to you.

Whether it is a classic or modern item you want, we can assure you that these trending items will make you happy. Here are the best eleven handcrafted jewelry design brands you can consider for the upcoming year.

· Apse Adorn

Every single piece of handcrafted jewelry in the collection of Apse Adorn is a beacon of hope and courage. Ethically curated, these designs enable you to approach life with more determination and resilience. Clean and simple designs that are so elegant and cool for all occasions are the name of Apse Adorn’s game. If you love charity, buying from Apse Adorn is a good decision; as ten percent of their sales go to organizations that fight for dignity and freedom. Browse their collection of men’s and women’s jewelry to get a unique and amazing handmade item. Handmade jewelry from this designer brand is not only charitable, but ethically sourced.

· Wwake

For a fanciful and inspiring piece, Wwake’s handcrafted designs are quite lovely. Started by designer Wing Yau in 2012, Wwake jewelry is handcrafted in New York and focuses on mixing art with the uniqueness of jewelry. Unusual stone patterns, curve shapes, and modern design are all party to the set—and conflict-free, renewable materials are of the greatest importance. Environmental sustainability is the epitome of what Wwake embodies. Though a little bit on the pricey side, Wwake’s collection has some inspiring items like the Blue Opal Tri-Stone earrings and Angled Opal ring. Both of these are available in unique and customized forms for you today.

· Catbird

Made in a sunny Brooklyn Studio in New York, Catbird’s handcrafted designs are sourced from sustainable and ethical materials. Environmental sustainability is important to this company. Using recycled gold, conflict-free stones, and reclaimed diamonds, Catbird inspires a passion for sustainability and local manufacturing. You can cool down your summer appearance with Catbird’s handmade jewelry.

Major items in their collection include the Opal Teardrop Necklace and the elegant Sweet Nothing Choker.

They have quite affordable handcrafted items from twenty dollars upward.

Catbird also donates a percentage of its sales to non-profits fighting inequality in other countries.

· Mejuri

Do you need a timeless piece to give your loved one for all occasions, especially during this summer? Check out the handcrafted collection of Mejuri; and experience a perfect blend of simplicity and class. The result of purchasing a piece of Mejuri jewelry is an affordable and clean look – their handmade jewelry designs are stunningly exceptional. The brand has a longtime hold on making handcrafted fine jewelry at a pocket-friendly price. If you want trending designs, Mejuri has few competitors. Mejuri handmade jewelry makes exceptional and affordable handcrafted items such as the Sphere Ring and One Long Necklace – two trending items you can get for your summer.

· Bario Neal

Most valued things have a special story. This idea was shared by two designers, Page Neal and Anna Bario, when they established their handmade jewelry collection in 2008. Both women—while bound by the artistic potential of jewelry—thought of a way to find and source valuable gemstones and metals with a minimal human and environmental cost; and thus, Bario Neal was conceived. Bario Neal focuses on environmental sustainability.

Every item in Bario Neal’s collection is decently sourced and progressively crafted. Working together with the craftsmen — in Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia, the oldest jewelry area in the United States—expert engravings and glass enamellings are used to make beautiful jewelry. A truly special gift, your summertime will forever be a story about handmade jewelry produced by the company of Bario Neal.

Some notable pieces you will love include the Lash Solitaire Garnet Ring and the Lash Mini Raspberry Sapphire Studs.

The prices for each piece of jewelry on their website range from $200-$500.

· Wolf Circus

Started by Fiona Morrison in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, Wolf Circus specializes in contemporary and classic jewelry. Every piece by Wolf Circus is tailored around women to enhance confidence and promote femininity in day to day activities. Though they have a small collection, Wolf Circus’ three designers craft good and trending handmade jewelry with perfection. They use the lost wax-casting

process to produce rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Their handmade jewelry is truly some of the best out there.

Amazing items you may want to check out in their collection include their Maven Studs and their unique Assembly bracelets. Their items are quite affordable and can be purchased for under $100.

· Able

Able is a lifestyle brand devoted to putting a stop to generational poverty via job creation. ABLE empowers and dignifies women through employment all over the world, beginning at their Nashville studio in Tennessee. With handmade bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings galore, the ABLE jewelry collection is unique and minimal —each piece is handcrafted by women, and every single item is unique. Their collection also focuses on environmental sustainability.

Pieces you may fall in love with are Aura Earrings and the mini Square Necklace.

· Nisolo

If you aim at beautiful shoes and handbags for this summer, Nisolo has an ethical line of handcrafted jewelry inspired by simplicity. Their trending items are made with hands by Kenyan artisans alongside their other products. The brands continue to fight for better wages and a sustainable ecosystem –an inspiration for those who cherish their summer holidays. Take a look at Nisolo’s website to get trending designs made with hand. Their products are affordable, with many items starting from few dollars. If you want to get a handmade relic to cherish, their Drop Earrings and Mini Rex Bracelet are trendy and fashionable. Their prices are also very affordable.

· Vrai

Vrai was inspired by a small concept that started in 2014. Vrai is a jewelry brand with many handcrafted items that can inspire a lovely season. Made at a local factory in downtown Los Angeles, Vrai makes exceptionally timeless, simple, and handcrafted jewelry with a focus on trending styles. If you want a piece of thoughtful jewelry that makes your year a lively one, Vrai has a collection that blends simplicity and class together to create the perfect handmade piece. Not only are they classic, but Vrai also handcrafts their jewelry from materials that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Their Diamond Dot Cuff Ring and their simplistic yet fashionable Rose Gold Circle Bracelet inspire and fit most day to day occasions. And, they have affordable handmade jewelry. Prices start under one hundred dollars for their cheapest pieces.

· Hadley Frances

Starting her jewelry crafting in 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Hadley Kennedy designs some of the best and most popular fashion jewelry items in the United States. The class in her collection can only be chalked up to the outcome of her internship under world-renowned and professional jewelers – where she perfected her skills and then launched her own line. She produces stunning items that fit the everyday occasion. Her items are minimal, simple, and intimate – her jewelry items trend for a reason. That reason is their elegance, class, and affordability all rolled into one.

· FiveMoons Jewelry

FiveMoons was Started as a way for Everyday Women to have original, fashionable, affordable pieces that also honored their unique voices. A Lover of all Things Vintage, The Divine Feminine and seeing the beauty in all the different seasons of a Woman's life, FiveMoons One of a Kind designs represent the Heart of the Woman who expresses her story with originality.

FiveMoons’ handmade jewelry is not only affordable, but environmentally sustainable and exceptionally fashionable. FiveMoons creates one of a kind, unique handmade jewelry pieces that are designed using vintage beads and components from the 1920’s – 2000’s. These components are then combined with high-quality material sourcing's in order to create the signature and eclectic avant-garde aesthetic that can only be found in this brand. Their vintage aesthetic style, combined with their old-world craftsmanship, is produced by the maker’s hands. Using tools that makers have been using for hundreds of years, handmade jewelry made by this company means that no two pieces are ever the same. Each piece of jewelry made by FiveMoons holds the same quality and standard of creation necessary to produce a truly quality, handmade piece of fine jewelry.

FiveMoons handmade jewelry pieces hold the care and laborious beauty that only true artisan craftsmanship can provide. In addition, FiveMoons’ Design Pieces are made entirely in the USA, and each piece of material that is purchased for this brand’s handmade jewelry collections comes from small shops and estate sales in Oregon. Locally sourced materials are environmentally sustainable. Each item can bear the label “Made in the USA” from beginning to end. Vetted and researched sellers here in the United States sell FiveMoons locally sourced and environmentally sustainable materials.

Why Handmade Jewelry is Exceptional

Come to think of it, handmade jewelry is always made to be unique in a different way. Two pieces of handcrafted jewelry can never be identical. If you get a handmade item, you are getting something that is very special and by extension you’re personalizing your fashion. The chances of you bumping into the another person on the street who is wearing the same handmade piece of jewelry as you is very low, and handmade pieces are extraordinarily unique. Being the only one with a classy and fashionable handmade item allows you to stand out from the crowd and says a lot about your fashion sense.

From the beginning to the end of the list of handmade jewelry stores, there will always be something that will make it stand out from another one and something will fit everyone’s taste. This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of all the stores you could shop at and not feel guilty about going to (each store on this list uses environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced materials in the creation of their handmade pieces).

Handmade jewelry is made to fit occasion and taste as unique as you are, To create a year that stands out in regards to style, consider getting specially made jewelry handcrafted by exceptional artisans.

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