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Social Media’s Lasting Impact on the Fashion Community

The dawn of social media brought with it a new way for people everywhere to share their latest and greatest purchases, fashion choices, and style preferences. With that being said, social media has had quite the lasting impact on the fashion community – it’s no surprise given that social media’s unique potential for sharing information makes it the perfect platform for buyers and jewelry makers alike to collaborate and exchange money for high-quality handmade jewelry.

Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter are just a few of the social media platforms responsible for propagating the influx of fashion design information flooding your feed on any given day. Watches, necklaces, bracelets, and handmade pieces galore can be spotted for literal miles of scrolling, and the amount of fashion-related information on the internet is nothing short of absurd.

That’s what happens when you give 7 billion people the opportunity to share their achievements and best work.

Social media has changed the fashion industry more thoroughly than almost any other industry on the planet.

In the last decade alone, social media has managed to literally revolutionize every single industry the world’s ever seen – the fashion industry is no exception. Whether major celebrities like Kylie and Kendall Jenner are promoting their latest handbags or local businesses are uploading photographs of their best handmade jewelry production (like our company), the Internet provides a platform for everyone to share what they know with the rest of the world.

As the world’s largest news agencies have been forced to transform the way they deliver content to their readers, social media has been at the forefront of news delivery for years. It’s the only form of news-related content most people consume – do you know anyone that doesn’t have an Instagram account?

Social media’s ability to connect everybody irrespective of their location, physical status, finances, or starting point makes for a platform that is successful in having the largest impact on the fashion community to date.

In the fashion world, social media has been able to bring connectedness, innovation, and cultural diversity to the industry. Instagram’s function as something of a live magazine that constantly updates itself to reflect the latest and greatest developments in fashion gives it the unique power to define the newest fashion trends. It also allows users to directly engage with jewelry creators in the comments section instead of forcing them to simply watch from afar.

Social media has done a number of other incredible things for the fashion industry - it has created fashion icons out of people who were formerly commoners, heavily influencing the newest and most relevant fashion trends, and reforming the manner in which people seek jobs within the fashion industry.

Social Media Creates Fashion Icons – Here’s How

Before social media came around, becoming a fashion icon was a next to impossible task. You had to get noticed without the influence of social media, which meant that someone in the fashion industry had to recognize you as outstanding. This meant they’d made the commitment to help you build your brand from scratch, and that was a big deal.

Audition after audition and catwalk after catwalk would eventually give you the slightest chance at becoming a fashion icon, but it wasn’t likely. Unless you’d managed to garner fame from other experiences, your journey ended whenever you realized you weren’t cut out for the industry. However, social media has brought widespread change to the fashion industry.

Here’s where the difference lies. Instead of waiting for someone to recognize you, users are becoming discovered by themselves. By building their own brands and finding their own fans and followers, Instagram and other social media sites like Pinterest give social media users the unique opportunity to gain exposure while still being average people.

For example, in 2015 Rihanna recruited a person to star in her viral music video by sending her a “DM” (direct message) and telling her that she liked her sense of fashion. Instagram and other social media channels like it give average people the chance to gain celebrity exposure. Retail agencies and larger brands are able to easily find “influencers” and regular people to represent their products. Sometimes these people will have a large following, and sometimes they will be underdogs trying to get noticed with their unique sense of style.

In addition, social media sites allow users to build their own online fashion communities – these communities eventually create leaders who build on the success of their peers and become noticed by celebrity influencers. Because some of these communities are vast, fashion icons emerge from the woodwork every single day. There are an unlimited number of people looking to break into the fashion industry and leveling the playing field for them is Instagram (the original common denominator).

Social Media’s Other Influences on Fashion

Social media has influenced the fashion industry more so than almost any other industry in the world. Fashion used to be very one-sided – influencers and recognized individuals set the trends, and you simply opted out if you didn’t like it. The fashion industry created the trendsetters and users followed the trends - you had no say in what the trend was.

Now, with the advent of social media, the structure of the fashion industry has been refined. Instead of being one-dimensional, fashion allows contributions from regular people just like you and me. Regular civilians working minimum-wage day jobs have the opportunity to create a trend by posting something to social media using a hashtag. If people in the relevant hashtag “group” enjoy their content, they will become popular and set a trend.

Social media is the equalizer making consumers into avid contributors about what they want to see in stores. For the first time, the fashion industry is forced to listen to what we have to say – fashion is a two-way street where new ideas are circulated much more quickly and change faster than ever before.

In fact, social media is only missing one thing, and that’s your presence. Anybody can be an influencer.

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