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How to Cleanse your Jewelry of Negative Energy

Your Jewelry attracts and holds the energies it is surrounded with daily, over time this can dilute the natural vibration of your piece and it can become heavier, and you may even find yourself unwilling to wear it without knowing why.

We are constantly exchanging energy with our surroundings, and it influences our behaviors and beliefs, most often unconsciously. As our jewelry is worn close to our body, we envision the exchange as a beautiful embodiment of an energetic dance, but minerals and metals are unable to release or transform those vibrations as quickly as we are, resulting in, to take a universal phase, some real bad mojo.

There are many ways to cleanse and recharge an object of negative energies. I have found that there is one that works the best, as it invokes the healing properties of Mother Earth in conjunction with the Moon; which is already cosmically tied to women; giving us even greater powers to bring forth the change we seek.

By the Light of the Full Moon

You Will Need:

-Clean Glass Bowl

-Filtered Water

-Windowsill that gets full moonlight, or secure area outside

- No more than 3 pieces of Jewelry at a time

Choose a time, usually at dusk, where you can prepare your items and concentrate on the task at hand. Filling your thoughts with the intentions you want (to rid all negative energies and restore the items core vibrations) will amplify your results.

Place items gently in bowl. Pour water slowly over items until submerged and place bowl, uncovered. in windowsill (or in secure area outside), ensure that whichever location you choose has unblocked access to the moonlight. Leave overnight, removing at dawn, or as soon as you wake.

Remove Jewelry from bowl one by one, placing on cotton or linen towel to dry, make sure to spread out item as you lay it down. Take the bowl with water still inside and go outside to an area where there is soil, but no plants nearby. Slowly pour out water, giving thanks as you do so.

There is not a set calendar to when you should do this ritual. Yet, For me, with pieces I wear often, I will do a cleanse every 2 months, or whenever my intuition starts to tell me it is time. As you continue with this, you will find you can start to feel when a piece begins to emit the heaviness that comes from an overload of negative energies, and taking the time to perform the ritual honors your energetic well-being as you are taking an active role in setting the vibrational boundaries that come from leading an authentic life that you create.

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