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Handmade vs. Big-Name Jewelry – What’s the Real Difference?

Updated: Feb 10

As of late, handmade jewelry has been all the rage. Artisans and jewelry makers pour their hearts and souls into the products they create to your personal preferences. This labor of love is evident once the piece has been finished and you’re in possession of a piece that will last you many years.

When we’re comparing handmade and big-name jewelry, there are some immediate differences that should come to mind. These differences vary based upon the quality of the piece you’re buying, where it’s coming from, and how much time was put into creating the piece.

However, the real difference separating handmade and big-name jewelry is evident – handmade jewelry is more of an investment than big-name jewelry no matter what. This means that you’ll be receiving a better product when you opt to purchase a piece of handmade jewelry. Here are some of the reasons behind handmade jewelry’s role as a sure investment!

1. There’s No Machinery Involved.

By definition, handmade jewelry is handmade. This means that there is no machinery involved in the creation or design of handmade jewelry. Instead, pieces are soldered, sawed, carved, and shaped without using mass production machinery. While machines can crank out hundreds of units per hour, an individual may only be able to create a fraction of that number on any given day. More time and effort is put into the creation of handmade jewelry than big-name jewelry.

2. Handmade Jewelry Takes Real Time to Make

Handmade jewelry is not simply “slapped together” to create something that will be useless in 6 months. Rather, it’s intended to last for years, and in order to do that it must be quality-made. In order to produce a singular piece, an incredible amount of time and effort is needed. Designers typically need hours just to construct an initial design of the handmade jewelry requested by their clients. In order to make the piece, it can take weeks.

3. There’s A Process That Goes into Every Piece

With any piece of handmade jewelry, because it takes so long to produce the maker possesses an intimate bond with their work. The maker of artisan handmade jewelry also engages in what is known as “The Maker’s Process”. This process is individual for every designer, but collectively represents the ideal standard of quality handmade jewelry is held to. The maker never leaves a detail undone, while big-name machine production jewelry can’t say the same.

Retail designer Emilie Shapiro discusses her process here: “While creating jewelry, there is a very intimate relationship with my work. I know every curve and line (is) put there with intention. As a maker your energy goes into the piece.”

The Maker’s Process takes time and effort to perform correctly. Handmade jewelry is especially subject to the watchful eye of artisans and jewelry makers (who pore over their kitchen tables just to make their pieces because they don’t make enough to have their own equipment). In short, there’s no corporate influence or corner-cutting involved in the creation of any handmade piece of jewelry.

4. The Materials Used in Creating Handmade Jewelry are Higher-Quality

In almost every case of artisan design, nothing but the best is used to create a handmade piece that stuns onlookers.

The value of the materials involved in creating a handmade piece are of stellar quality, because artisan designers realize how important quality materials are in creating a quality piece. When compared to big-name factories, handmade jewelers offer a much greater degree of transparency into their practices. It’s quite difficult to regulate the alloys that are used in mass-production factories, because dirty metals are frequently blended together to create costume pieces that look like things they’re not.

For example, a big-name watch may be produced using faulty or even toxic metals because they’re simply cheaper to purchase. A factory is focused solely on its profit, and in order to be a successful mass distributor with less work some are prone to sourcing “dirty” materials. You don’t want to wear these on your wrist!

Handmade materials, on the other hand, are almost always sourced from highly reputable suppliers that make it a point to offer quality, high-grade materials to artisan designers producing handmade jewelry.

5. Handmade Pieces Are Much More Environmentally Sustainable

Handmade pieces are much more environmentally sustainable than their factory-produced counterparts. Because artisan designers and jewelry makers are overwhelmingly dedicated to environmental sustainability and preventing climate change through refusing to purchase inadequately sourced (and environmentally harmful) materials, they always make use of ethically sourced materials.

Ethically sourced materials have a place when we’re referring to the state of our environment, too. It’s wholly unethical to destroy nature for a necklace, and handmade jewelry makers realize this. Factories, on the other hand, turn a blind eye to the toxicity of their alloys because doing otherwise would be too costly for them.

Being ethical is much more costly than simply taking the easy route and purchasing shady materials from a refiner or dealer with lower prices than the competition, and because of this smaller-scale production is almost always of higher quality.

Smaller-scale production often means higher quality production because the maker’s process inherently allows designers to track and control their handmade jewelry design from start to finish. Because makers and artisan designers alike are often very bonded to their product, they are extremely proud of the final work they produce. They’ll never let a product of inferior quality leave their design studio with their endorsement.

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