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How to use Handmade Jewelry to reflect your Authentic Voice

What is the best Handmade Jewelry Style to reflect your Authentic Voice?

"A Woman is authentic when she embraces the characteristics that set her apart from the majority. She drives the force of her own unique spirit. She understands that the things that make a woman rare are the things that make her divine"

source: thoughtcatalog.com

How does our Style and Accessories help us set the stage for a first impression that alludes Authenticity?

We hear a lot about authenticity in life, and how being true to yourself is something we should all strive for. As Women, there is a misguided notion in society that we know where our passions lie, and what we like as soon as we are born. But like with most things. our likes and dislikes change as we move through the different phases of our lives.

How we present ourselves changes also. I can say that the style I wore in high school ( The Preppy cheerleader) has drastically changed to The Goddess-loving Mom, whose prime focus is comfort(albeit in a conscious and focused-on-understated beauty way).

It is important the impression I create is one of my own choosing. When someone meets me for the first time, I want them to see the poise I carry myself with, The strength within, and the originality in my accessories that shows them who I am before I even get a chance to speak. I have set my own stage.

That is being Authentic.

Handmade Jewelry falls perfectly within this space. The wide range of one of a kind, unique styles that reflect every fashion style, every era, every culture, means there is something that will appeal to you on a deep level when you come across it. When you feel the pull of something, you know it was meant for you. When the the maker creates, it is with a specific person in mind. She (or He) doesn't see a face, but a vision, of who they are creating for. Each maker knows their pieces will not be suitable for everyone, some will downright hate it, and honestly, that is actually more than ok with them. For they aren't creating for everyone, they are creating for someone.

That too, is Authenticity.

Here are 3 ways you can incorporate Authenticity into your Everyday Style using Handmade Jewelry:

  • The working woman may have a very narrow dress code she must adhere to, and it can feel stifling. Do not overlook accessories as a way to claim your own sovereignty. An asymmetrical pair in dark colors, like THESE, use texture and form to beget a distinctive feel of an innovative woman of action. This is where you can place your focus, and create yourself anew each day, in doing so, you reclaim your Style; and your voice as your own. In the world of suits and ties, Inspire Boldness.

  • The Stay at Home Mom wears many hats. You are everything to everyone, and the dependence of your children on you is sustainably. You are a chameleon whose days and night can be both routine and unpredictable-at the same time. The Wonderous divine of your unconditional love and generosity of your nature means you will give your all, even to your own detriment, and you can find yourself wondering who that woman is in the mirror looking back at you. Now, will handmade jewelry magically solve this struggle? No. (Don't I wish it was that easy), but it will remind you of yourself, that you are a woman who is also a Mother, with her own dreams and her own opinions, one who be the wonder woman to her family and look fantastic and true to herself while doing so. With little, and not so little, hands everywhere, Clay Studs like THESE, are a great option. Clay artists pack so much style and avant-gardism into their pieces that you will feel a sigh of relief when placing them on and your heart will rejoice-oh, there she is.

  • The College-Bound Woman has the world at her feet and it is as intoxicating as it is terrifying. Finally a huge sense of relief can be found in the knowledge that all that time you spent trying to emulate everyone else sense of style, or the latest fashion choices that never sat right with you doesn't mean that there is something erroneous about you, but flawless. Your selfdom has emerged and you are ready to fly. Now is the time to pursue your passions with energetic abandon. Share your metamorphosis with pieces like THIS. Silversmith artists are masters of their craft, the level of knowledge and detail in their pieces are unparoled. Wearing one of these Statement making pieces invokes a feeling of Strength, and fresh Revolution.

Whatever phase of life you are at, whatever path you are walking at this moment, do so with the knowledge that your voice is meant to be shared. The Beauty that is you can never be duplicated, and the light within you can not be dimmed without your permission. Even something seemingly small as placing a bracelet of your choosing around your wrist is an act of authenticity.

Leave a comment or send me an email letting me know how you express your authentic voice through your style and accessories!

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