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5 Reasons Handmade Jewelry Reigns Supreme

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Any piece of jewelry you own can be grouped into two categories: handmade or machine-made. Handmade jewelry never sees a mass production line and is generally created for a specific wearer. Machine-made jewelry, on the other hand, is designed to appeal to many people without the aspect of personalization. However, handmade jewelry routinely exceeds the quality of machine-made jewelry in many ways — here are 10 reasons handmade jewelry reigns supreme for most occasions.

1. It’s homemade.

Handmade jewelry is just that — made by hand. It’s also usually made at home, because handmade jewelry never sees an assembly line. By definition, handmade jewelry is made by the “hands” of an artisan crafter. Because there’s no mass production line available, handmade pieces are soldered, shaped, and designed with a specific wearer in mind. Machines can produce hundreds of pieces in just an hour, but an individual can only produce a few per month — because of this, handmade pieces are given the attention they deserve (much more so than machine-made jewelry).

2. It’s authentic.

Authenticity comes from uniqueness and specificity — the two factors handmade jewelry checks off the list. The value of time is not to be understated — it often takes designers hours to design a single piece and weeks to bring their vision to reality. However, the Maker’s Process dictates that handmade jewelry’s inherent value is present in the time it takes to create a quality handmade piece. The creator of any handmade piece will tell you they have a very close-knit relationship with the work they create — in fact, it defines their abilities and skill as a jewelry designer. Intent is the mother of authenticity, and you’ll find greater specific wearer intent with the inherent meaning present in a handmade piece.

3. It gives real, local people jobs they love doing.

Handmade pieces aren’t sold in stores — they’re sold by small local businesses like ours. We can’t get into the larger chain stores, nor would we want to, because by purchasing handmade jewelry you’re giving real, local people jobs they enjoy immensely. Any designer will tell you how attached they are to their work — it’s why they spend hours poring over it and revising every last detail into oblivion. This also means that handmade jewelry is frequently of better quality than machine-made pieces.

4. It’s often of better quality.

Machine-made jewelry is much easier to construct than handmade jewelry, but it’s also frequently made with cheaper materials than custom designers would care to use. This means that machine-made pieces are often more prone to breaking after years of extended use, while handmade jewelry is built to last with quality materials. Mass production lines prohibit the use of expensive crafting items because this leads to a loss of profit for whichever company is selling

jewelry. Handmade pieces face no such restrictions, and as such designers take pride in using the highest-quality materials they can find to make your custom piece.

5. It expresses much more sentiment.

Handmade pieces can be much more expensive than machine-made pieces for good reason. They’re custom-designed to a wearer’s exact preferences and interests, they’re built with quality materials that won’t crack after years of use, and they express much more sentiment than a machine-made piece could ever hope to.

Purchasing a handmade piece for someone signals that you have their interests in mind, and that you know what they find tasteful in jewelry. As such, it can be a fantastic gift for showing someone your appreciation and demonstrating that you know their interests and preferences as a friend or partner should.

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