Uncommon Beauty

in a

Common World

I've been passionate about creating and designing the best Handmade Jewelry pieces I could dream up for many years, even as my life path veered in a different direction. I became a Mother of two at age 18, and got my degree in Nursing at age 22. I Married at age 26, and had 3 more beautiful Children. Throughout all this, My Jewelry was a source for my creativity to thrive.


It was; and is; a way for me to express my originality in a world that sought to put me in a box.

My Life has been shaped by my experiences , finding my Authentic Voice , knowing myself as a Sovereign Woman has empowered me to go from a self-taught Handmade Jewelry designer working at my kitchen table to starting my own small business. FiveMoons Jewelry is my next step-
now, I work from my dining room (cue laughter here).


A Woman's life has phases, Each one brings Experiences, Challenges and Growth.  My Path is filled with the Light of The Moon; her presence encourages me to continue sharing my Artistic voice, to create my story daily-This is the Winding Road I am grateful to be on. I want to pave the way for women just like me to pursue their own Dreams and Passions with Uncommon Beauty.

We each have a Story,

My Hope is that when you wear a design from


It amplifies yours.

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